Winemaker notes

Spring 2019


Now that winter is slowly losing its grip, we all look forward to longer days and warmer breezes while working in the vineyard. We have lots of pruning to do still, and then we will start our second pass through the vineyard to tie down canes to fruit wires. Winter work is long and tedious, but the rewards are great when looking back at a block of tidy and well-groomed vines.

As we all know, this 2018 growing season was a tough one in the Finger Lakes. A very humid hot first half of summer created lots of disease pressure on the vines, and then we all waited for a warm, dry September and October to push the vines to ripeness. Instead we got endless cool wet days.

We picked our Riesling by hand and yields were about a third of normal years. With a sugar reading of 19% Colleen managed to make a very pleasant, clean dry Riesling. Our Chardonnay is very pleasing as well and we look forward to a Spring release in both Reserve and Stainless styles.

Despite the weather, our 2018 red varietals achieved decent ripening with sugar percentages in the low 20’s. So far the Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon display pleasant fruit flavors with body and finish on the lighter side. They are now going into their barrels for their next year of sleep-time. Currently we are finishing the blending and preparation of our 2017 red wines for bottling this Spring. They are maturing nicely and we are excited about their upcoming release. Our first reserve blend will be coming in the Fall.

Mini Concert Series coming this summer!

Our mini concert series is in the works. For the months of July and August we will be having Wednesday night concerts at the winery from 6-8 pm. Updates are coming soon!

Next Wine Club Shipment: May 2019

Our next wine club shipment will be in May. If you're already a member, expect an email from us towards the beginning of May to make your wine choices. Not a member yet? Get more details and sign up